VietNam Bird tour - Annam Birding

VietNam Bird tour - Annam Birding

VietNam Bird tour - Annam Birding


I birded and toured with Tim from 09-18-2018 to 10-06-2018: some of the highlights included Cat Tien Nat. Park, Dalat Plateau, Danang, Back Ma Nat. Park, Hue and Hochiminh. Tim was a great knowledgeable birder and tour guide, as we visited a number of cultural areas. Great to be with and took good care of me from arrival to departure. Greatly recommend.
Gary Sparschu, Texas. September-October 2018

Thank you Tim Dinh for a most productive 8-day wildlife photographic trip to Cat Tien National Park and the Dalat Plateau. We got an impressive no. of endemic bird and mammal species; well arranged programme, good accommodation and food. Will be back.
Bjorn Olesen Wildlife Photography. March 2019

Tim is a wonderful guide if you are looking to get a big list of endemic and regional birds, or if you are looking to get prize-winning photographs! I have been on two tours with Tim in 2017 (Cat Tien) and again in 2019 (Da Lat and Cat Tien). His skill at finding and then getting you on the birds is second to none! Tim is also interested in birding as a hobby, not just as a job! I’ve always been impressed with his knowledge of Southeast Asian birds outside of Vietnam. He keeps on top of the latest taxonomic revisions and lets tour participants know when they are seeing a newly declared species, or a local subspecies. Setting up tours has always been easy with Tim. He plans each day to maximize the birding experience and organizes hotels, cars and knows the best food and coffee location in each area we visited. Airport-to-airport service was breeze and he ensures he’s there early to pick you up and early to catch your flights. Besides being a great bird and mammal guide, Tim is also a fun person to spend a few days with! His sense of humor and chatty personality makes the down times and travel times so much fun.
Seth Wollney, New York City, USA. August 2019

I could not recommend Tim highly enough as a bird guide. He is a fantastic birder, who knows the calls as well. That is such a key issue as a visiting birder who does not know the sounds of the forest. Tim is also super friendly, high energy and makes birding in the jungle so much fun, despite the harsh conditions. His local knowledge of the birds and the forest is second to none. He also goes way out of his way to make sure you are comfortable, have food that you like, and have any medicine or supplies that you need. Despite going in the rainy season we got almost all of our target species including all 4 species of pitta that I wanted to see. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam I would not hesitate for a second to book time with Tim. You will be in the very best hands in the country.
Isaac Grant, USA. August 2019

The tour was with many exciting or memorable moments:
  - Two pairs of different pittas in one morning.
  - Da Lat cuckoo-shrike, cutia and treecreeper in one spot.
  - Rufus-backed sibia in short distance.
  - Lazy birding and writing in a restaurant.
  - 5-star birding and writing in a forest with calling of black-backed kingfisher.
  - Golden-cheeked gibbon and the most beautiful sound in the morning jungle...
Chi Pan & Ming Yueh, December 2019

After 8 days of birdwatching in southern Vietnam with Tim, I have to give him the feedback he deserves. Tim gives the best of himself to show you the birds you want to see, the endemic ones of course but also the other species to complete your list. He spots a lot of species thanks to his knowledge of the environment and his keen sense of observation. The days with him are full because they start at dawn until the early evening. He is also very enthusiastic, friendly and takes care of you. The meals have always been of quality, it is a facet of his country that he will make you discover. I still hope to call on him for a next trip to this beautiful country of Vietnam. Thanks again Tim.
Michael Haurez, Belgium.

My frens and i thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Not only did we get a big ‘harvest of lifers’, Tim and his team have been excellent in terms of service . They took great care of us (5 out of 6 are above 60) and were sensitive to our different needs, ensuring our safety and comfort. Tim is very high energy, he is responsive and ensures that we not only get most of the birds we wanted to see, but also Vietnamese foodfare! He will ensure that his customers are happy.

We felt comfortable with Tim and the team and had good laughs which made the trip fun and enjoyable. And of course, Tim and team are very experienced guides and we feel safe that we are in good hands. We will definitely visit and engage Tim again. Highly recommended to go birding with them.
Pat Choo_Singapore_April 2022.